PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, Comprehensive management!

Comprehensive Property Management carried out by Ibiza My Property is a service we provide for all our clients who don’t have the time necessary for running their own property; who don’t wish to have any relationship with the tenant, or to be involved in the maintenance of the property.

Property Management comprises administration, the financial side, marketing and the upkeep of properties, with the aim of achieving the owners’ objectives.

This service is intended for managing properties through 3 basic stages:

1. Marketing operations:

- Implementing marketing policies and using specific marketing tools.

- Use of the latest technology to promote your property.

- Tenant selection: checking references, credit and employment background.

- Managing the vacation procedure.

2. Economic and administrative management:

-  Conditions set out using the most updated contracts.

-  Monthly rent collection in accordance with contracts.


-  Personalised rent delivery or bank deposit, according to contract.

-  Invoicing and management of banking for renting and expenses.

-  Regular Reports.

3. Technical management:

-  Safekeeping of keys.

-  Maintenance (preventive and corrective) and cleaning properties.

-  Coordination of any possible building work.

-  Immediate contact with owners in case of observing any defects, in order to prevent and minimise damage and additional costs.

Ibiza My Property presents the “summer-end” service, conceived for owners not living on the island who do not rent their property during the low season and need someone trustworthy to supervise their property.

Maintenance of interiors, exteriors, pool and gardens; building and paint work; woodwork and aluminium frames; plumbing and electricity; “Pladur” plasterboards and plaster work; air conditioning and heating systems; cleaning up after building work and checking general functioning of all installations fitted; property inspection service; property ventilation service and checking for signs of damp or any other damage; service for checking correct functioning of curtains, blinds and awnings, and electric appliances, plugs and lights; service for monitoring the letter-box and handing mail to the owner or forwarding it to a given address; flushing toilets and letting water run in washbasins to prevent bad odours and lime deposits; security control; satellite TV installation; insurance.

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