Real-Estate Services for owners?

We manage your property!

The services offered by Ibiza My Property are basic services in the real-estate sector.  Identifying all the factors necessary for managing properties, with the highest criteria for return on investment, which enables us to effectively manage the property and maximize its value.

In the current market conditions, valuation and marketing play a more important role than ever.  An accurate, defensible estimation of the value of a property and the correct strategies for advertising it, can mean the difference between attaining an objective (obtaining financing, closing a sale, choosing a better rental, etc.) or not attaining it.

Do you want to sell your property?

Ibiza My Property offers you the utmost professionalism in all of its Real-Estate Services for quickly finding you a buyer.

- Analysis and survey of the property market in each area.

- Free valuation of your property, carried out by specialists with absolute precision.

- Professional photographic report (can include a Video) for the sales documentation.

- Access to our client portfolio.

- Translation of the detailed description of the property and related data into 4 languages.

- Advertising and Marketing:Properties published on portals and sites with the highest volume of traffic, using marketing tools for better positioning.

-  Circulation on the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest.

-  Drawing up contracts, deeds and any other kind of formalities.

- Management of Notary and Registry formalities

Ibiza My Property will keep you regularly informed on the actions being taken and offers received.

Do you want to rent your property?

The most important thing – Find a reliable tenant!

At Ibiza My Property, we take into account factors such as tenant loyalty, relationships and regular contact with them, and identification of opportunities for obtaining joint benefits.

- Customised consultancy service for landlords.

- Professional photographic report (can include a Video).

- Inspection visit and for generally checking on the property, in order to draw up a report on its general condition and propose measures for improvement.  Preparing detailed inventories.

- Preparation of surveys of demand and offer, in order to analyse prices and the competition, and to arrive at a fair rental price.

- Development of a marketing and advertising strategy specific to each property.

- Selection of people with the most suitable profiles for each property, through a preliminary report.

- Advice for signing the rental agreement.

- Mediation and solutions in case of conflict.